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14 February 2012

Vote for your favourite Zero Carbon Home

Four finalist teams selected to be a part of the Zero Carbon Challenge have released their home designs. 

As the only finalist team driven by a builder, Energy Aspect Living took a practical, performance orientated approach to the Challenge, which means we know our design is achievable.

To take on the Zero Carbon Challenge, we assembled a creative team of local South Australian businesses with a diverse array of skill-sets, and a single-minded focus: To redefine the standard of affordable, sustainable living.

Energy Aspect Living has designed more than a Zero Carbon House…We’ve designed a Home; a home that strikes a perfect balance between your family’s needs and the needs of our environment.

To us, the Zero Carbon Challenge was much more than just designing a house.  We saw it as an opportunity to engage and inspire industry and the wider community to create a better tomorrow.

For Facebook users, cast your vote Online or in person at the display in the State Library until the 26th February 2012.

An initiative of South Australia’s Land Management Corporation (LMC) and the Integrated Design Commission (IDC), the Zero Carbon Challenge aimed to encourage industry to be innovative in designing and constructing a home with minimal environmental impact over its projected lifetime of about 50 years.

The Challenge is Australia’s first sustainable house design and build competition.

Discover more about Energy Aspect Living’s Zero Carbon Home…visit

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