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09 March 2013

What is an eco builder?

Eco- is a common prefix used to relate to ecological and environmental considerations.  ‘Green’ and ‘sustainable’ are other common terms used to describe the same.

Whatever the term, the meanings are often the same when in comes to building; 
to build a home that considers the environment, both locally and globally; through its design, material selection, construction, maintenance, and demolition.

Energy Aspect Living is an eco builder; a builder that solely focuses on energy efficient and sustainable building and who understands the importance of taking into account the short and long term impacts a home can have in its lifetime.

As winner of a HIA GreenSmart Energy Efficiency Major Award, National Winner of GreenSmart Professional of the Year, and the only builder driven finalist in the recent Zero Carbon Challenge, Energy Aspect Living is a leading eco builder in Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and surrounds.

Discover how your next home or renovation can lead the way in ecological and environmental considerations.