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Your Next Home

We understand that your needs may be driven by one or more of the following:
  • level of building sustainability
  • quality of lifestyle and lifestyle needs
  • budget considerations
That is why Energy Aspect Living Pty Ltd have introduced a range of products that can be personalised to your needs; for both new homes and renovations/additions to existing homes.

New Homes

Aspect Living 1°

... highly cost effective energy efficient design and construction solutions to create a home that considers its place in the environment.  Read more...

Solar Living 2°

... advanced technology and innovative design and construction solutions to maximise the benefits of the sun all year round.   

Sustainable Living 3°

...  a holistic approach for energy and water saving, with opportunities to live independent of networked services.   

Zero Carbon Living

... whilst building and living in a home will always contribute carbon emissions, it is now possible to design, build and live in a home that achieves net zero carbon over its lifespan.  It’s called a “Zero Carbon Home”.   Read more...

Renovations and Additions to Existing Homes

Renewed Living

...ideal for the existing home owner wanting to renovate or extend; and play a more active role towards sustainable living.